May 21, 2009 · Hi englishcalab, I'm quite sure that the structure "Does anyone has" is not grammatical. You definitely need the 3rd person Singular "s" but only once: "does anyone have".

I have a bunch US to UK/Australia/France packages stuck in limbo since beginning of April. I used First Class International USPS service to ship these packages. One of the packages seems to sit in Chicago, while the other ones still haven't left my state (at least according to USPS tracking). Does anybody have similar issues? Thank you! Does anyone HAVE/HAS ? | WordReference Forums 2007-9-16 Does anybody have high quality images of these? | Queen 2020-7-13

DOES ANYBODY have ideas how "we the people" can work together to save our country from these tyrants? How can "we the people" bring down the media, academia, tech tyrants, hollywood, sports etc.? The worst is academia, they have poisoned our children and grandchildren. These professors are b

Solved: Does anybody have experience with deploying … Does anybody have experience with deploying Adobe Pro 17 on non-persistent virtual desktops? potluck. Feb 22, 2019. I am having a few issues deploying Adobe Pro 17 to a gold image. I want to disable the sign on and registration prompt so the end users don't have to do it every time they log in. In my environment, we use Vmware, Citrix, and Does anybody have an engine install guide? - Australian

‘Anybody have’ vs. ‘anybody has’ in questions

2020-7-12 · Does anybody have video of LSU coming out of the tunnel from the super dome? Posted by Byrdybyrd05 on 7/12/20 at 12:34 am. 18 0. When it comes to off the field, that was one of my favorite moments seeing the team walk through the tunnel like they are about to go into battle in laser tag lol. Does anybody else have this problem? | Trap Shooters Forum 2020-5-3 Does anybody have a mitigation plan in case they run out 2020-6-24 · Does anybody have a mitigation plan in case they run out of hair nets? - posted in Food Safety Tools & Equipment: Hi everyone, With everything going on, lack of supply is probably the most daunting challenge we have ever seen. When we ran out of hand sanitizer refills, it was a blessing to be able to just buy a liquid sanitizer and spray bottles.