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"Improving the World" through Internet Security: Chatting www.AnchorFree.com David Gorodyanksy, CEO of AchorFree Inc., a software company that provides a Virtual Private Network - through its downloadable product Hotspot Shield - for secure web browsing. The story of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who achieved success at 23 might not raise eyebrows in 2017, but is impressive nonetheless. The Future of User Privacy, Security, and Internet Freedom May 28, 2019 David Gorodyansky: Young Entrepreneur Enabling Free Speech Apr 05, 2011

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Jun 27, 2011

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David Gorodyansky. Co-founder and CEO, David is an active investor passionate about start-ups with a social mission focused on solving real world billion person David Gorodyansky, CEO & Founder The paramount need to secure the internet environment is compounded by the universal requirement for privacy and free access to global content by every user. Dec 12, 2014 · David Gorodyansky Co-founder and CEO AnchorFree Age: 32 Born: Moscow, Russia. In 2009, Gorodyansky created AnchorFree, freedom and privacy platform with more than 300 million downloads on mobile