Nov 03, 2015 · As we all know that Twitter is famous micro blogging site where everyone tweet their thought on this micro blogging site but in many situation we want to deactivate our Account from Twitter permanently or temporarily for some reason it is so simple to deactivate Twitter account here we will tell you how to deactivate your Twitter account.

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How to remove my phone number from someone else's Twitter

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Jul 28, 2017 · Plus, anybody will be able to register a new account using your former Twitter username (e.g. @Telegraph). If you don't like your current username or email address, deactivating your account is

How to create twitter account without phone number verification. Create using dummy disposal sim card or fake email id address or bypass sms trick and tips. Jul 02, 2020 · Back to the time when Twitter doesn’t provide Deactivate option on the mobile application, a computer is a must in order to delete one’s Twitter account. Even now, it is also very convenient to delete Twitter account on a Windows or Mac computer with any browsers. Deleting your Twitter account using your computer involves a few easy steps