The internet works great and connects to our IPhones, Mac computers, and IPads, but not the apple tv. I've never had this problem with my apple tv before. I've connected the apple tv via ethernet cable and checked for an update, reset it several times, and to no avail.

'Why is my Roku not connecting to the internet?': How to And in most cases, when a Roku can't connect to the internet, the problem isn't even with the Roku itself, but rather with the router, other devices in your home, or the connection settings. Apple TV won't recognize ethernet cable - iPhone, iPad Feb 24, 2018 How-To Connect Your AppleTV Without WiFi - AppleToolBox Jul 10, 2018

tvOS 13: How to Fix Wi-Fi not working on Apple TV 4 or

Apple TV 4K - Technical Specifications - Apple Purchases, rentals, and Home Sharing require an Apple ID that you use for the App Store and other Apple services. Requires 802.11 wireless, Ethernet network, or Broadband Internet access Requires 4K and HDR TV for 4K and HDR streaming

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Jan 25, 2008 How to Connect Black Apple TV to Television: This only applies to the Apple TV 2nd Gen and Apple TV 3rd Gen models as the Apple TV 4th Gen and Apple TV 4K do not have an optical audio port at all. Note: The built-in Wi-Fi connects Apple TV to your wireless network. If your network is Ethernet-based, connect Apple TV to your network using an Ethernet cable. Step 2: Connect the power cord Samsung smart tv connects to my network but not the internet Jun 04, 2018 Connect to Home Spectrum Internet for More to Watc