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At one of the sites there is another Cisco vpn to another site. I need to route the traffic for the cisco vpn through the site to site from the other sonicwall site. Site A - /16 network. Site B - /24 Sonicwall, A cisco vpn is on address and has routes the network to Site A. Comparing the top SSL VPN products - SearchSecurity Cisco IOS SSL VPN: Windows: N/A: Dell SonicWall Secure Remote Access (SRA) Windows, Mac OS X, Linux: iOS, Android, Windows 8.1, Kindle Fire: Jupiter Networks SA … Cisco VPN to Sonicwall — TechExams Community Cisco VPN to Sonicwall. boostinbadger Member Posts: 256. January 2009 in Off-Topic. I was setting up a VPN connection today from behind a Cisco ASA to a Sonicwall firewall. The guy who works at the place that has the Sonicwall says that he has set up several VPN connections using a Windows VPN connection with success. However, the Windows VPN

IPsec VPN issues - Cisco ASA to Dell Sonicwall : networking

Mar 30, 2012

Click Manage in the top navigation menu Navigate to the Network | Interfaces page. Add Interface. Click on VPN Tunnel interface. Zone is VPN Select the policy Name under VPN policy dropdown menu. Mode/IP assignment matching the same subnet on tunnel interface on Cisco device. Enable

VPN Status on the Cisco shows "decapsulation packets" increasing but "encapsulation packets" staying at 0 when I try pinging hosts behind the Cisco from behind the Sonicwall. We have a several SonicWall TZ 190 establishing VPN tunnels with a ASA5520. Pericodically random VPN tunnels will drop and can not re-establish a connection. In order to re-establish the dropped VPN tunnel, our firewall folks manually drop all VPN tunnels connected to the ASA (they use to physically power cycle the ASA). Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is ranked 2nd in Enterprise Infrastructure VPN with 10 reviews while SonicWall Mobile Connect is ranked 16th in Enterprise Infrastructure VPN with 1 review. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is rated 8.6, while SonicWall Mobile Connect is rated 0. How to Install Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10 (New installations or O/S upgrades) The instructions below are for new or clean Windows 10 installations. Users who just upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier Windows version, will need to first uninstall their SonicWALL VPN Client & Cisco VPN client, then proceed with the instructions below.